As the leader in the industry, Seagate has focused on building business efficiencies, such as platforming and vertical integration, that give the company a competitive edge. Platforming has helped Seagate deliver a comprehensive product portfolio by allowing the company to apply one core technology platform to create multiple products. The company has applied the platforming concept to the manufacturing process, allowing Seagate to manufacture 1-inch, 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives on the same factory line to further increase efficiencies and improve product quality and margins.


American Power Conversion (Nasdaq:APCC) provides protection against many of the primary causes of data loss, hardware damage and downtime. Founded in 1981, APC is a leading provider of global, end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services, which include surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning equipment, power management software, and DC power systems as well as precision cooling equipment, and professional and consulting services for Nonstop Networking™. APC, known for Legendary Reliability™, sets the standard for quality, innovation and support for power protection solutions from desktop systems to data center operations to entire facilities. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes.


At Microsoft, they are motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them. They run our business in much the same way, and believe our three core business divisions offer the greatest potential to serve their customers. Platform Products and Services Division: Includes the Client Group, the Server & Tools Group, and the Online Services Group Business Division: Includes the Information Worker Group, the Microsoft Business Solutions Group, and the Unified Communications Group Entertainment and Devices Division: Includes the Home & Entertainment Group and the Mobile & Embedded Devices Group They are committed long term to the mission of helping their customers realize their full potential. Just as they constantly update and improve our products, they want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve their customers.


Synology Inc., founded in April of 2000, creates next generation Network Attached Storage servers for the international market. Providing a secure way of storing and sharing digital content, Synology products are stylish in appearance, compact in size and energy efficient. Customer's investment is enhanced with free software upgrades and 24/7 online support. This makes the Synology product an ideal choice for the Home, Small Business and Corporate setting.


Quintum Technologies is an eight-year-old Voice over IP innovator, headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, with distribution in more than 67 countries around the world. Quintum has developed a complete line of intelligent Tenor VoIP access switching and gateway solutions that are deployed in enterprise and service provider networks around the world. The Quintum TenorR solution is the only product that offers Survivability to assure telephony communications remain live in branch office locations, even if the IP PBX network fails; Unmatched protection of voice quality and availability; Ease of Ownership with scalability, security and remote management capabilities; Ease of installation because Tenors are designed to fit into virtually any network offering and compatibility across PBX and IP PBX environments and Lower TCO because Tenors require no PBX modifications, no additional equipment, and no provisioning expenses. Quintum offers solutions ranging from 2 to 48 analog VoIP ports, from 1 to 32 T1, E1, PRI spans and 2, 4 or 8 BRI/ST ports, as well as Session Border Controllers and a Remote Management Session Server for easy management of remote Tenors, even those behind NAT firewalls.